Who we are

With the expansion of Labtec to the North American Market (Labtec US Inc.), our team has identified new opportunities in the smartphone repair industries and we think the time is right for a Labtec US Inc. to enter this market with a revolutionary and expert vision of the smartphone and tablet repair business, the idea is to develop a commerce website to start selling the notion of real smart phone repair, not like all other chains that concentrate their efforts on glass repair and maximum level II repairs, we will specialize and market Level III repair, we are also looking for a select group of investors to develop an affiliate program that will allow us to develop and fine tune a franchise program for the brand.

Our Goal and Idea

We are going to setup a website that educates customers on the need to repair their smartphones and tablets not only from the evident economical point of view but also from the environmental green point of view.

While vendors try to maintain market the life cycle of their products to 16 months, we need to make people understand that they can expand the life cycle of their investment in technology to 36 months and beyond.

We will set fixed prices for known repairs, we will make it easy for our customers to be able to send their equipment to our offices for repair, and we have already tested the workflow using USPS flawlessly.

We will take advantage of our deep knowledge and experience to create something that no one else can offer in the USA, “if they told you it can’t be fix, send it to us”, “we specialize in IT CAN’T BE FIXED”, we will charge you $25.95 ($5.95 to mail your device back in case you decide not to repair or if your device is beyond repair)  to check it, you will receive an estimate with the cost of the repair, if we can fix it you will have a $20 credit toward your repair bill and once you pay the difference we will proceed to repair and send it back to you.

Rafael Pasquariello President/Founder

Ramon Trujillo VP/Founder


What can we do for you ?

We are the leaders in training of smartphone repair throughout Latin America, we have trained over 1300 technicians Level III and we have access to this network of knowledge to give you the prompt service that you require and deserve.

Based in our technical and proven approach with the It can’t be fixed and water damage equipment we have successful rate of near 95%.

Fast Delivery

We know how important your device is for you and we will do our best to return your device as soon as it is repaired.

Best Quality

We use the best parts and we strive to bring your equipment as close as possible to the original specifications.

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