Corporate Customers

At PhoneHubUS, we understand that our success is strongly tied to locally owned and operated neighborhood businesses, churches, nonprofit organizations.

Because we are an Independent Smartphone & Tablet Repair shop and the only Level III Repair Center certified by Labtec US, we can customize your account settings to accommodate your business needs, so you can have more control on the preventive, scheduled and repair maintenance of your equipment.

We can service and repair ALL different brands and models of smartphones and tablets and specialize on Apple, Samsung and most Android based devices.

  • Control Purchases. Along with special corporate discounts, you can receive and submit electronic quotes for any and/or all services for you electronic devices.
  • Save Time. Eliminate collecting repair or maintenance invoices.
  • Save Money. When you register your company with us you can expect up to 20% in savings overall on your smartphone & tablet repair costs compared to companies that do not, plus savings by prolonging the usable life of your different devices.
  • Benefit Perk. Your employees receive special discounts when they bring their personal devices to service and/or repair with us when they identify themselves with your company code.

Register your Company with us to start getting control of your Smartphones & Tablets Preventive and Scheduled Services cost.

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