How to Solve the error 53 itunes on your iPhone 6 and 6 plus

IPhones are the one of the best in the market and yet the most complex to use. One of the recent challenges that many iPhone users have reported is the error 53 iTunes which appears after updating the iOS. The error is not stated in Apple’s list of error codes and many Apple employees are not able to fix it or they are unaware of it. The most affected iPhones include iPhone 6 and 6 plus. In case you have received this error, you may be contemplating to replace it since the error renders it useless. However, there are very few people around the country who can fix this problem for you.

To begin with, the error 53 iTunes appears when you are restoring, updating or downgrading your iOS firmware. According to Apple, the error 53 iTunes code is related to hardware malfunction. This includes having a broken screen or if your touch ID has some problems. In case you do not have a broken screen but you have replaced it recently from a local phone repair shop, then this can be causing the problem. The error can appear if the screen was changed while it was on.

If you are sure that your handset does not have any Touch ID problems, you are not using a fake USB cable and that you have not replaced your screen or other internal parts, you can try fixing the error by doing the following:

  • Updating the iTunes player. Apple has a new version of the player for Mac and Windows,
  • Troubleshoot your device by conducting a hard reset,
  • Uninstall and then install iTunes again,
  • In case it has not worked and your iPhone is showing the iTunes logo, then it is in the recovery mode. Thus, ensure that you get it out from that mode and restore it again.

If your iPhone still registers the error 53 iTunes, then you should contact a professional to fix your iPhone for you. The other alternative would be to take your phone to the nearest Apple store to try and get it fixed. Remember, if you have an iPhone with a broken Touch ID or screen, you can use it normally as long as you do not try to upgrade or downgrade the firmware. Apple iTunes scans for any faults during such a process and registers error 53 iTunes if any of the two issues is detected. Our prices for diagnostic of error 53 start at $19.95 + $5.95 if you want your phone back in case we cannot fix it or if the price to fix it is beyond your budget.