Miracle on I95 with an iPhone 6S

The other day, I received a call around 5:30 pm from a guy that tells me that he works on the same building were our headquarter is located in Boca Raton, he also told me that he had a minor accident with his iPhone 6S and he was leaving the next morning to Colombia and that he really needed to fix his phone urgently, I got his contact information and told him that I was going to contact my partner Rafael Pasquariello to find out about his schedule.

I called Rafael and explained the situation and told him that he sounded in real need of his phone, Rafael didn’t hesitated a second and asked me for the customer information and proceed to call him immediately.

They finally got around 7:00 pm at the office and that’s when we got the real story, the guy forgot his phone on the top of his car after visiting a customer and it stayed there till he got to I95, he later located the phone with “Find iPhone” and went back to pick it up, after about an hour with cars running over it, he finally found it.

I think that there is also a testament of the resistance of the phone itself, you could see the tire marks on the cover of the phone, of course the glass was shatter but after all the phone was working.

Rafael worked on the phone, he had to straight out the housing, re-solder the charging port and replaced the screen and 45 minutes later the phone was back on the very happy customer hands.

We were able to apply our infrared soldering technique to bring the PCB to it original condition and service standards.

We can do this and more, so if your smartphone or tablet dies on you, give us a call, we may be able to help just like we did in this case.

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